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This could have been your story?

Two Parables of Happiness and One Happy Ending. 

Story #1: Mixed Emotions at a Solar Party

A customer was so happy to purchase a brand new solar PV energy system, they invited their colleagues and friends to a solar party.  Announcements were printed and mailed. On the day of the party, all the guests went up on the roof to examine the new system and the roof collapsed.

This puts a damper on any event.

What would you have managed differently in this parable? Both commercial and residential solar systems require project management with complete technical process elaboration. In addition, consider the structual critera for residential rooftop solar energy installations for one- and two- family dwellings. 

Too many people on the roof?  And naturally the guests were properly wearing a personal fall arrest system (PFAS) in accordance to 29 CFR 1926 Subpart M?  How about near or around skylights?

I strongly urge an independent perspective to help you catch code and safety issues.

Story #2: An Example of an Undesirable Hands-off Result
A customer ordered a solar energy system for their household. When they came home from work, the neighbours had a new solar system on their roof too. They were so happy the neighbours also made the decision to preserve the planet.
Thinking about all the money they were going to save and using sunlight to generate energy, they looked at the roof of their own home. The solar system had not been installed. This did not "make any sense" because the system was scheduled for installation today. What happened here?  The solar photovoltaic (PV) system was installed on the wrong roof by mistake. 
Since a PV system may be installed without anyone home, the address on  the site  plan was  transposed.
 Resplendent solar PV projects for both commercial and residential ground-mounted and roof-top systems require an attention to details.
In addition, were both systems installed correctly with practical safeguarding, in a neat and workman like manner to 
building, electrical and other solar energy provisions?
Hands-on solar.
Solar project management process elaboration: Plan, design, install, operations, maintenance (O&M), inspection, training and support.
Hands-off results.
We offer a unique approach and installation techniques using traditional and proven working solar technology following manufacturing instructions to international, national or local codes in authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ).
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Look at time from a different perspective.  Our company thinks the current proven working solar technologies over time have consistently prevailed and should be installed. Keep up to date on new and proven solar PV installation techniques.
In California, stories in residential, commercial and industrial (C & I) solar energy system installations should have happy endings.
With solar energy photovoltaic (PV)¬†systems + electric vehicle (EV) mobility solution, your joy and sunlight¬†‚ėÄ comes every morning.¬†